DJ Angelus Bonez Overlord

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Brief description: A very nice loyal & devoted person, walk strong an carry a big stick!
Twitter username: MoreLuvin4U

About me

I am a man who is very loving, caring and honest. I am a father,a husband and a friend.  Make sure you look at my pics has my most recent places I enjoyed  working at! ! !

Sexy CLub in SL Coconutz CLub -CEO,DJ & Host of Events

 want to now more about Bloodlines ask me or look at this link It is very detailed. I am a Horde Leader. And a great friend! ! !

♥ ☑ Taken ♥ ☑ Loved ♥ ☑ Married ♥ 
Dec  31,2016  in SL, Partnered in RL 2